Party Planning 101: Baby Boy Shower Themes

Are you looking for ideas on baby boy shower themes? I have here some suggestions that you can follow for the baby shower party you are about to throw for your beloved sister or friend. Planning a party is not hard as many think. It is one of the most exciting activities that you can do especially you are planning a celebration for the upcoming addition in the family.

Tips In Choosing Baby Shower Theme
The rule of thumb in choosing a baby shower theme is it must reflect the tastes and preferences of the mom-to-be. You do not want to see a frustrated and angry face of an expectant mother throughout the event. For instance, if you chose a food theme that the mom-to-be doesn’t like, expect that she will not eat during the entire celebration which is really bad for her and for the baby.
I highly recommend that you choose a theme that it is very easy to find party supplies. Do not waste your time and effort in looking for some rare party themes. In case you or the mom-to-be insist a party theme that is uncommon and the party supplies are hard to find, ready yourself to create your own set of party supplies.

Baby Boy Shower Themes: Book Lovers
Let’s say the mom-to-be loves reading literature since she was a little girl, book-themed baby shower party is perfect. Hang cut out cardboard shaped like books. Display all her favorite literature titles and authors. Indicate in your invitations that it would be great to prepare gifts that match with the theme. Have games all about the favorite books of the mom-to-be when she was a kid. I am pretty sure you the expectant mother will have a good time reminiscing those lovely days.

Baby Boy Shower Themes: Alphabet
Set the mode of the incoming baby by having an alphabet theme. Decorate the venue with alphabet building blocks such as on the tables of the guests. Prepare a cake and cupcakes with letters on it and some will spell the name of the mom-to-be and the name of the incoming baby. Hang in the clothesline different letters and balloons. Add in your list of games forming words out of the letters they will find in the venue.

Baby Boy Shower Theme: The Vintage
Is the mom-to-be love classic movies and collecting vintage stuff? Why not plan a vintage or black and white baby shower themed party? Include in the program of the party watching classic baby movies or television series about babies and family. The expectant mother would definitely have a great time reminiscing her childhood. You can put on the invites that guests are encouraged to bring the oldest stuff they could ever find at home such as the oldest newspaper clippings.
Having a theme for the baby shower party you are planning is an excellent decision. It will make your life easier. You will narrow down your choices of party supplies. Everything you will buy for the party will match. I am sure that the mom-to-be and the guests will surely love it and appreciate how you planned and organized well the party. Choose among from the list of baby boy shower themes and start planning the party.