My Halloween

SCENE: in line at Chipotle tonight, where everyone in costume gets a $2 burrito
Me (to the woman on the tortilla warmer): I'll have a veggie burrito, please.
(one minute later)
Cashier: That'll be $2.
I look down at what I'm wearing. It is a grey hoodie and black jeans.
Me: Actually, I'm not in costume.
Cashier: Of course you are.
Me: Nope.
Cashier: You don't need to be physically in costume to be in costume. You're a Man Who Has No Idea What He Wants From His Life, And Dresses Like A Child, Which Outwardly Projects Said Belief.
Me: Jesus, you should be a therapist.
Cashier: I'm studying to be one.
Me: Cool. Well, thanks for the $2 burrito.
I walk away.
Cashier (to co-worker): I just thought he was dressed as a thirteen year old Jew in the year 1998.
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