Director's cut of the Samsung Galaxy S III commercial

SCENE: MOM, DAUGHTER 1, and DAUGHTER 2 stand curbside, wishing DAD well on his business trip.
DAD: Bye girls! Love you!
DAUGHTER 1: Daddy, we made you a video for your trip!
DAUGHTER 2: Yeah, watch it on the airplane!
DAD: Ok.
MOM: Here you go.
MOM and DAD touch their Samsung Galaxy S III phones together to transfer the video.
DAD: Thanks girls!
MOM (to DAD): Hey! I also made you a video!
DAD: Aww, that’s so sweet!
MOM: You probably shouldn’t watch it on the plane.
MOM gives DAD a look that says she is ready to fuuuuuuck. DAD looks flustered.
Cab driven by CABBIE pulls away.
DAD (to CABBIE): I haven't been attracted to my wife in years. Wanna watch a video of her stripping? I'm not interested. I've been going through the motions since the girls were born. She's been trying to reconnect with me intimately, but we both know it's not going to happen, despite the miraculous technology of the Samsung Galaxy S III that easily and conveniently brings us together.
CABBIE: You have it rough in your upper-middle class existence. That 401k. Those two beautiful kids.
DAD: We do okay. I shouldn't be complaining. Or cheating on my wife. But you know how that goes!
CABBIE: I do indeed, except for the part where I make a living wage and have cheated on my wife. I've been with my wife for 50 years, and she'll die unless she gets a heart transplant tomorrow. Anyways, I hear the Samsung Galaxy S III has great video quality.
DAD: Sure does. Check this one I made of my mistress blowing me.
DAD shows CABBIE the graphic video.
CABBIE: Wow, what is that, 720p HD at 30 frames per second?
DAD: Sure is. I'd like to see the iPhone do that!
CABBIE: Can I get a copy of that?
DAD: Absolutely.
DAD and CABBIE touch their Samsung S III phones together.
CABBIE watches the sex tape on his phone as he drives, distracting him, and causing him to run the cab into a telephone pole. The cab explodes. A DUDE stands on the side of the road, filming the entire thing with his Samsung Galaxy S III.
DUDE: That cab just fucking blew up! And the video quality on this Samsung Galaxy S III is sick!
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