Santa and I have a chat at the mall

SCENE: Inside a mall. Santa is out front greeting all the people going into the mall.
Santa: Merry Christmas, Jew!
Me: What'd you say?
Santa: I said, Happy Holidays, Jew!
Me: Ok, whatever. So are you giving presents to Jewish kids this Christmas too? It'd be nice if you did.
Santa: The only present I'm giving Jewish children this year is the plague!
Me: How would you even do that?
Santa: I keep vials of it in my sleigh! Ho ho ho!
Me: Jesus.
Santa: Nope, you don't celebrate his birth, and that's why you're gonna get the plague! The plague is going to come from me, Santa! I'm going to give it to you!
Me: I'm gonna go now.
Santa: You can't hide, I know where you live! Merrrrry Christmas!
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